CST Environmental, Inc. - Project Accountant:

Collect data on cost of labor, materials, equipment, fuel, trucking, insurance, general administrative 
and operational expenses and such other costs that may affect the project like waste of materials, delays, 
sub-contracting, etc.; Compute direct cost and factor in company's profit margin; Prepare total project 
cost summary and bid proposal; Perform job cost tracking during project execution and prepare weekly reports 
on current cost including variance and justifications for the discrepancy between proposed and actual cost; 
Develop historical database for the purpose of improving profitability of future bid proposals. 

Bachelor in accounting or equivalent + 2yrs in job offered required or 2yrs in Project Accountant Analyst. 
Salary $35 per hour, 40 hours per week. 

Send this ad & resume to jobsite/intvw: Attn. Don McGlamery (Manager), 
CST Environmental, Inc. 
2233 E. Grauwyler, Ste. 124 
Irving, TX 75061