Operations Research Analyst

Location: US-TX-Southlake
Status: Full Time
Job Category: Information Technology

Job Description

A Research Group Consultant is required to have:
- A PhD or strong M.S. in Operations Research, Statistics, Economics or related quantitative field
- The ability to work in a business setting, including strong communications and teamwork skills
- Strong computer programming skills

A Consultant is required to define and develop proof-of-concept solutions to business problems using appropriate operations
research, statistics, decision analysis, artificial intelligence, and computer science techniques. A Consultant must be able
to thoroughly understand Sabre's business processes and translate that understanding into a mathematical model. This model
will be combined with data (which the consultant must be able to analyze and summarize using statistical analysis techniques)
to develop recommendations to improve profitability. In addition, a consultant is required to keep current with the technical
literature (by reading journals and attending professional conferences) and with developments in travel distribution decision

The educational background must consist of solid coursework in several areas of decision technologies, including:
- Forecasting
- Statistical analysis and modeling, especially regression and clustering
- Optimization modeling, including linear, integer, and nonlinear programming
- Simulation

The ability to work in a business setting includes:
- Being able to prepare both internal technical reports and clear, non-technical explanations for marketing and development staff
- Good presentation skills
- Being able to work on interdisciplinary teams, often including marketing and development staff

Strong skills in variety of statistics and optimization packages and languages (such as SAS, S-Plus/R, ILOG), as well as good SQL
skills, are also required, because we require more than mathematical models written on paper - the models must be tested. You will
be required to extract the data (from multiple databases), diagnose data quality problems, format the data for statistical analysis,
conduct exploratory and graphical data analysis, fit statistical models, use the models to made recommendations, predict the results
of the recommendations on profit, and analyze experiments using your recommendations. Please note that we will be unable to provide
immigration assistance for this position.

The Research Group is seeking an analyst to develop statistical and optimization models for travel distribution. A PhD or very strong
M.S. in Statistics or Operations Research is required, with a strong background in econometrics, regression, clustering, and
time-series. A good knowledge of optimization (linear and nonlinear programming) is very helpful. Solid programming experience is
required, especially with statistical languages such as SAS and S-Plus/R. Knowledge of SQL is desirable. The position requires strong
communication skills, both to document the models developed and explain the ideas to marketing and product development staff.

Please apply directly at
Sabre Holdings Careers

Reference Code: 21Mar0507357